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Designer findings showed that if the drop punt technique was used for place kicks in Rugby Union and Rugby League - kicking accuracy and consistency would improve. The drop punt uses the best impact point for accuracy; above the toes on the foot centreline requiring the foot to pass through underneath the ball unimpeded. This in line action is more repeatable than current cone kicking tees that require kicking with the inside of the foot.

Moose is a completely new way to support ovoid balls for training and game use. The core innovation provides space for the foot to kick straight through under the ball, enabling the accurate drop punt technique to be used. The design innovation is the antler 4 point ball support that allows critical ball contact and flight. There are no other products with this unique feature.

Moose supports balls from junior to full size with different ball shapes for Rugby Union, Rugby League and AFL, Australian Rules Football League. The ball can be angled forwards or backwards for different kick distances. Designed to be visible on the field and not easily lost after training sessions. The snap fit assembly is easy and keyed for correct antler orientation. The tee includes a moulded in direction indicator to show novice and young users the correct kick orientation.

Support the range of ball sizes at 4 critical points with space beneath while allowing ball angle to be varied. Rear antlers higher and wider to contact on a broader part of the ball, allowing the widest foot part to pass unimpeded. Front antlers closer and lower to determine the ball height and deliver a clean release after impact. Enable easy shape change for transport in kit bags. Safety with soft material and shape. Tee to come apart when fallen on without resulting injury.



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