What is LP Support EmbioZ?

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Before unveiling what EmbioZ is we first need to answer who LP Support are? For over 30 years, LP Support has been the most widely used and recommended brand of braces in more than 60 countries. LP Support is recognised as the industry leader in the sports medicine category and in technical protective wear and has been well received by sports medical professionals.

Ok so LP Support is a pretty impressive company, but what's so special about the LP Supports EmbioZ range? LP Support state that their EmbioZ range inspires extraordinary possibilities and enhances sports performance with a seamless compression design combined with their special Power & Comfort Systems. So basically for a company with a long history in the sports medicine area, EmbioZ is their answer to combining everyday activewear and functional apparel designed around performance. This is something pretty special, not a lot of brands out there have LP's extensive background knowledge in the sports medicine area. 

The innovative technologies below are just an example of how detail orientated and scientifically geared LP Support is with their products.

Power Systems

Power System provides excellent support and coverage to reduce excess muscle tremors and energy consumption, improving operational efficiency. Furthermore, it reduces muscle fatigue during prolonged exercise, helping maintain an optimal level of athletic performance. The unique Power Band and Square Buffer designs accurately increase sensory input to enhance proprioception, which improves posture, stability, and coordination.

Comfort Systems

It is important to maintain a balanced body temperature during training and competition. This keeps muscles and joints in an active state of readiness, boosts nerve conduction and reactivity, and reduces the chance of injury. However, long periods of high tension or intense exercise lead to a continual increase in body temperature as well as superficial vasodilation. The excess heat is then transferred to the surface of the skin, affecting muscle function and performance. Thus, LP has developed Comfort System to regulate temperature and humidity, allowing athletes to keep comfortable during prolonged or intense exercise, thereby enhancing athletic performance.

General Compression

By providing consistent pressure for blood circulation and a pump action for muscle contractions during exercise, General Compression speeds up the return of blood to the heart and accelerates the removal of metabolic waste. Stable pressure on arteries increases blood flow velocity, thereby improving blood circulation, acerbating the supply of oxygenated blood, increasing oxygenation of the muscular system, and enhancing the oxygen update in tissue. Stable pressure on the lymphatic system reduces the outflow of lymphatic fluids and accelerates reflux speed, preventing accumulation in the limbs and muscles, and reducing the incidence of muscle oedema and swelling

Gradient Compression

In the human cardiovascular system, blood is pumped out by the heart, while its return flow is driven by muscle contractions and venous pressure. The rate of recovery after a workout is dependant on the rate of blood and lymph circulation. Through varying progressive pressure, Gradient Compression can stimulate circulation, stabilise muscles and joints, and eliminate excess muscle vibration to help achieve an optimal level of exercise.

Seamless Technology

Integrated stitching improves on the shortcoming of multi-block fabric splicing. This technique reduces the amount of thread and increases contact with the skin, providing continuous, smooth coverage for the limbs and torso to enhance comfort levels during exercise.

Power Band

Base on the same basic technical concepts employed by kinesiology tape, Power Band stimulates muscle contractions, stabilises joints, and increases the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids through pressure, elasticity and recoil. LP developed Power Band concept to target, stimulate, and reinforce specific muscles according to the principles of biomechanics and muscle dynamics in various sports.



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