LP Support can help arthritis symptoms

LP Support can help arthritis symptoms

Support garments play a role in both injury recovery and injury prevention and hence why there are different types of options.

Rehabilitation style supports or braces are designed to limit certain movements of a joint to allow for optimum healing of muscle or ligament for injury recovery, so are often used in early stage rehabilitation.

Functional supports or braces, however, allow for full movement while providing support for muscles and ligaments at high risk of injury and work to unload or reduce pressure on key areas that may be painful due to more chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

For Osteoarthritis, key symptoms include pain, stiffness and fatigue. Pain can be managed through brace and support products which can help to stabilise joints while preserving energy and reducing fatigue – especially when exercising. The compression characteristics of Brace/Support and specific Apparel moderate temperature, stabilise and relax muscles while stimulating blood circulation - reducing fatigue by helping to preserve energy.

This can allow you to then complete activities with less pain or discomfort which may help you participate for longer.

The LP Supports range has three tiers:
1) X-Tremus – Our functional style medical-grade supports and braces
2) Extreme - Technical support for rehabilitation and Sport/Exercise usage
3) Core – A basic range of supports, taping etc

LP Support X-Tremus

The LP X-Tremus range is functional style support developed by LP’s sports medicine specialists and using a 3-Dimension knitting technique they have developed their unique M.S.D innovation system, which is:

Magic Power Band:
The high-density knitting section helps to store energy when the muscles contract and the joint flexes, then release the stored energy to assist the explosive motion when the joint extends.

Stable Compound Structure:
The medium density section is designed to fit the body structure to enhance proprioception and help stabilise injury prone or painful areas.

Durable Fitting Knit:
The high permeability fabric helps to relieve undue pressure and provide superior comfort and breathability.

This combination is designed to not only provide appropriate support for injury prevention but also unload or reduce pressure on areas that may be painful due to arthritis.

LP Support Extreme

The LP Extreme range is designed for rehabilitation, recovery and sport/exercise usage. Innovative Coolprene Technology provides a pumping action within the support when the joint moves to regulate heat and sweat to enhance compression and anti-slip. It is common to start off with a more supportive rehabilitation style brace from the Extreme range while you work to also strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the joint, then wean onto a more functional option like the X-Tremus range when increasing activity levels.

The LP Core range offers post injury supports, sleeves and tape product

To help you work out what LP Support products are appropriate for you, we have developed a product selection guide where you are able to search by your body part, and then by either diagnosis or symptoms. For product relevant for Osteoarthritis – look for this within the options provided under body part / diagnosis within PhysioZone of the LP brand page. PhysioZone link here  https://lpsupport.co.nz/physio-zone

EmbioZ Functional Compression apparel and sleeves

Golf Compression Clothing

The LP EmbioZ ranges are functional apparel and sleeves designed to help prolong the duration of exercise while

achieving peak performance. General compression can improve blood circulation, reduce muscle oscillation and microtrauma to the muscle, and accelerate lactic metabolism, which delays fatigue and effectively enhances muscle endurance. 

Using seamless compression technology, the special Power System stabilizes and supports specific joints and muscles to improve coordination and increase muscle force and endurance. In addition, the Comfort System wicks away sweat and ventilates quickly to keep the body dry and help maintain appropriate temperature during training.

So ultimately, EmbioZ is designed to help keep you going for longer by feeling more comfortable and looking good at the same time. They can be worn on their own or as an undergarment during activity but can also be worn after activity to assist in recovery.

Check out the EmbioZ range herehttps://lpsupport.co.nz/product-list?field_functional_apparel_tid[]=85&field_functional_apparel_tid[]=47

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