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New PUDZ shin and ankle protectors solve a lot of ski boot problems. Sometimes simple solutions are best, and Aussie designer Dave Conway has come up with a winner here that will save you a lot of grief for just $AUD 30 a pack of two.

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Dave can talk about foams like the normal guy talks about footy teams, analysing their strengths and weaknesses and what they are best suited for – he has been running an industrial foam business for over 30 years.

But he is also a long time keen skier, who like most of us has had his share of boot pain problems. So he set to work to make the ideal easy to use insert pads, and after going through a few prototypes he found the perfect blend of usability, comfort and durability. Made from polyurethane dense foam, PUDZ consistently cushion and protect your shins and ankles.

Of course, there is the manner of gel packs, foam injections, rubber doughnuts and many more “solutions” offered by amateurs and professionals alike.

But PUDZ is different, you just pop them on the soft side down over your ankle against the skin and then slip your sock on over so they work in any ski boot.

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I gave them a workout at Off-Piste, Sydney’s awesome new Simulator centre in Moore Park, and found they made an instant difference; I have suffered from a nasty bone spur on one instep and a crater on the ball of the ankle on the other foot that have a knack of causing grief however much I get my boots blown out/adjusted etc. Slipping on the PUDZ I was super comfortable, and they also served to make a snugger fit in Off-Piste’s rental boots I was using.

The big Avalanche Simulator really works your legs and a double session here with 30 minutes on the machine equates to a fair whack of skiing – maybe 4 top-to-bottoms on Crackenback Chair at Thredbo for example – and was enough to sell me on the idea. I’m looking forward to using them daily this season.

PUDZ only launched a couple of months ago but already they are available at 30 leading ski shops (see list below) – an indication of how well professionals regard them. Smart boot fitters know a good thing when they see one.

If you rent boots they also work well as noted by improving the fit and eliminating shin bang.

We love them, and they are a shoo-in for a Snow Action Smart Stuff medal.

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