Ankle Injuries and Ankle Support Brace Product

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The ankle joint is a very versatile area of the body, but it can be vulnerable to injury as it cushions the body’s weight from impact with the ground.

The most common type of injury is an ankle sprain, which is caused when the ligaments are stretched or ruptured. This can happen when running on uneven ground, twisting during football, falling awkwardly when jumping, or over-stretching in tennis.

Ankle support brace product can help with symptoms and injuries such as: Ankle feels weak or unstable, Twisted ankle and have ankle pain and/or swelling, Ankle Instability, Ankle Ligament Sprain and/or Tear, Inside ankle pain, Ankle joint injury, Ankle Arthritis, Ankle pain and/or stiffness with weight bearing, and Sprained ankle.

Although an ankle sprain can leave you out of action for a while, a good quality ankle support can help in recovery by providing comfort, stability and protection from further injuries.

LP’s comprehensive range of ankle supports offers products offering varying levels of support, including Neoprene Supports for compression and heat retention and Extreme or X-Tremus supports which help to keep the skin dry.

You can view the full range of Ankle Brace and Support product here: LP Support Ankle Brace and Ankle Support Options


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