G-Form Technology

G-Form's revolutionary technology is designed to provide superior protection without hindering movement. The body-mapped RPT® padding ensures key coverage to the most vulnerable areas of the body. G-Form products have a low-profile, articulated design allowing them to form to your body, hugging each curve to provide a second-skin fit that’s unique to each individual.

And because our soft, fully-flexible RPT padding is sewn onto moisture wicking compression fabric, you never have to worry about our products moving out of place.

2nd Skull® Technology

2nd Skull® products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact. Every 2nd Skull® comes with a thin layer of lightweight XRD®, an extreme impact protection material made from special urethane molecules that are soft and flexible at rest but can momentarily harden under sudden pressure.

XRD absorbs energy under sudden pressure or impact

LP Support - EmbioZ

LP developed this unique design, Power Band and Square Boffer that work together as Targeted Support to help athletes keep stable, awaken proprioception, improve coordination, store muscle force and increase endurance. The Thermoregulatory System helps athletes manage moisture and heat and maintain ideal body temparture while offering optimal wearing comfort.